How to Install Your New Lawn

  • 01

    Site Preparation starts with clearing the area, removing any large debris and then producing a rough grade. Once the grade has been established, ensure that you have 10-15 cm of topsoil available in all area's and add topsoil as required. The quality of your topsoil will have a long term effect on your finished lawn - it is truly the foundation for your new turf.

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    Next step is to create a finished grade. Use a landscape rake to produce a fine finish and remove any small stones. Applying a turf starter fertilizer on the soil surface at the recommended rate on the bag will help to promote fast rooting of your new turf. Make sure that the surface is firm and utilize a hand lawn roller to firm up any areas that are loose.

  • 03

    Once you are ready to install your sod measure the areas you want to cover and calculate the area in square feet. Make sure that you allow for areas not covered such as driveways or mulched area's. You can use our area calculator here or send us an email with your dimensions and we can determine it for you.

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    Once you have ordered your sod we will let you know when it will arrive so that you can line up your friends to help! Once our truck arrives let the driver know where you would like the pallets placed. Each one covers 700 sq ft in area. Space the pallets out to minimize your distance to carry the sod. Each delivery unit has a portable forklift that is 8 feet wide, so please plan ahead for easy access to where you want the sod placed.

  • 05

    Make sure that you start installing your sod as soon as it arrives. Sod that is left on the pallet for too long in warm weather begins to struggle for air and will be damaged. Always ensure sod is laid within 24 hours. Start by laying along a straight line and then staggering the joints in a brick like pattern. Lay each roll tight to the next to minimize joints which conserves moisture. If installing a sloped area, make sure that the joints do not run up and down with the slope as water may run down the seam and erode the soil underneath.

  • 06

    The key to success of your new lawn is immediate watering of the turf. Apply at least 3 cm of water within a half hour of installation. Keep your new lawn well watered for the first 2 weeks until well rooted. Once established your lawn will prefer infrequent watering to a deeper depth to promote good rooting and a healthy turf.

  • 07

    After the sod has rooted firmly you can begin mowing the turf. Make sure that you remove only about a third of the grass blade length with each mowing so as to avoid the turf going into shock. Make sure you download our "Lawncare 101' brochure on how to care for your lawn and benefit the environment for years to come.